Ceramic veneers


Ceramic veneers are minimal invasive form of aesthetic enhancement of your smile.

Veneers are the first means for a lasting change in the looks of your smile because they are placed directly on the tooth, changing its shape and colour. Ceramic veneers can be made with high precision so to compensate only one part of the tooth (like a broken corner) or render an atypical form of a tooth into a typical one. They always look extremely good!

Ceramic veneers can be as thin as 0.3 mm and are bonded on the tooth surface. Some porcelain veneers available today can be placed completely within enamel in a minimally invasive or "no preparation" way.

The drawback lies in the fact that they cannot always be fixed. Most frequent limiting factors are significantly destructed teeth or patients with certain bad habit of teeth grinding or the teeth which already have another prosthetic.

CDEI creates veneers exclusively in dentistry laboratories. We believe that the skill with which in a fraction of a millimetre and by playing with ceramic materials we achieve a redesigned smile is a quality common only among such professionals who have devoted all their professional life to dental techniques and ceramics.

In some cases we make veneers with CAD/CAM technology in a short period of time.  In both cases we use IPS e.max ceramic.