Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design – a modern concept in dentistry.

Every smile is unique. We care that its looks complement to your character and gives your appearance a specific unique value. This procedure makes it possible to reach an ideal solution in communication with you.

You will pass through an exactly determined, specific photo and video Protocol, which is thoroughly analyzed together with dental x-ray and your study models. Together we go through all your wishes and expectations, which are to be met in esthetic reconstruction. We use the diagnostic material for designing smiles which will be designed only for you. It does matter to us to see how you laugh, how you talk, what is the line of your smile in reference of your facial features and your eyes, as well as which  structures you reveal and which you do not while you perform all these functions.  We want to determine whether there are any asymmetries and how and whether they should be solved.

When we make a digital project on how you would like your future smile to be, we make a further step which will allow a real pre-visualization of your future smile before any teeth preparation, i.e. before a treatment. It is a real simulation of the planned treatment and an opportunity to decide if that is what you want or whether some elements should be changed. With the help of wax models of future teeth and their insertion into the mouth, we shall repeat the photo and video protocol and determine whether that form matches with your wishes.

Only after reaching a mutual agreement on an adequate design, shall we start making a final restoration.

The key to success is in elaborated planning of the entire therapeutic procedure and in the consent from the part of the patient that the suggested project is to their liking. The result would have to be a smile that satisfied your wishes.

DSD can be used by anyone who wants to see how they would look with a correction of specific elements in the smile which the patient is dissatisfied with excluding the obligation of having further prosthetic treatment.