Minimally invasive dentistry

Holistic approach involves minimally invasive treatment techniques and esthetic dentistry for the purpose of beautifying the smile and bearing in mind psychology, health, functionality of a patient and their looks. Gone are the days when the perfectly healthy teeth had to be radically prepared  to change their color permanently, crowns made with the damaged the tooth edge or when big fillings were used because of a small cavities. A frequently asked question is how much of healthy tooth tissue is to be sacrificed to compensate for the lost. The technology of modern materials, the available instruments and the expertise of the dentist makes it possible that the biological price of the treatment be very low. 


"The definition of minimally invasive treatments frequently mentions the absence of any invasive preparations, small preparations or some relatively conservative procedures. In my opinion minimally invasive approach is the one which requires all necessary actions, but at the same time nothing beyond an optimal treatment, ensuring long term quality outcome of a treatment. Our stance is that the use of implants in cases of teeth loss is also a minimally invasive approach as it preserves the two healthy adjacent teeth from preparation and possible complications ".

Dr Igor Ristic