Who we are?

The Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology has been located in the heart of Belgrade at Cvijićeva Street since the year 2000. During the years of development it has become the place where most complex esthetic-functional problems in dentistry are solved. At a specially designed practice, a specialized team of the Center subjects their patients to a highly qualified, ethic, dedicated and individualized treatment.

CDEI is the place where the team keeps improving through a continual education at the globally recognized institutions. It is our pleasure that we can communicate to our colleagues worldwide our work and the philosophy of the center by means of lectures.

Dentists from our country and the region gain knowledge in CDEI at the courses, workshops in various fields of esthetic dentistry and implantology. 

We believe that with the experience to date and the expert team we have we are ready to establish and follow the highest standards of dentistry in the region. We would like to invite you to visit us if you need help of a dentist. We take pride in the number of complicated cases we have successfully dealt with but also in care and time we dedicate to our youngest patients.  

We truly believe that we can improve the health of your teeth and therefore the quality of life through mutual, honest and above all friendly communication. We shall be honored to take care of your smile and the smile of your dearest.  


Spec. Dr Igor Ristic with his team

dr Igor Ristić
dr Vesna Mirić
dr Snežana Banković
dr Dušan Živanović