Visiting from abroad

Dental tourism

Do you want to solve your dental problem in a most competent way for more acceptable prices than those in the country you come from? Do you want to have a treatment you cannot afford in your actual environment?

Make an appointment and announce your visit to the Center for Dental Esthetics and Implantology. We shall arrange everything in detail in accordance with the time you have available. We can make a detailed plan of your stay so that you can have enough time to enjoy, apart from your dentistry treatment, various other activities that are on offer in Belgrade. It is on you to decide whether it is enjoying an outing, good food and wine or an active holiday on one of the mountains. Our expert team will help you in the realization of your wishes.

We can make an initial therapy plan by the exchange of x-ray and CBCT (3D ortopan) in digital format. You can submit your files here. 

The organization of your stay 

  • The hotel, an apartment or a villa booking in the town center.
  • The transport from the airport to the apartment for any number of persons, as well as the possibility of organizing transport during the whole stay
  • Interpreters, licensed tourist guides, security guard, chauffeurs, nannies, facilitators
  • Booking of tourist tours of most beautiful sights, Tito’s tour, Belgrade from the rivers, cruising, Belgrade underground, museums etc.
  • Restaurant, bar, club booking
  • Relocations – the organization of weekend tours in Serbia, ethno villages, Vojvodina’s village households (salasi), Mokra gora, the mountain of Zlatibor…
Personal concierge non-stop at your service for any advice or suggestion